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Why Moms Work from Home

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Moms working from home are not an entirely new phenomenon in America, although admittedly, it is now a lot more common than it was something like ten years ago. A few years ago, many people did not think that working from home is something that somebody would choose to do without being forced by circumstances. But as many work-from-home moms will tell

you, choosing to work from home can turn out to be the wisest career choice a mom can make. Let us look at some of the top reasons why moms work from home and why this trend is likely to continue in the future.

Reason # 1: These Moms want to juggle entrepreneurship with Motherhood
Well, there is really no science to this; some moms are simply driven to be both stellar moms as well as successful entrepreneurs. These moms are passionate about being good moms and are committed to building strong and stable families because it gives them something that is truly satisfying. Working from home gives them the unique ability to attend their children’s school events while at the same time using their education to contribute positively to the family income.
Reason #2: Building a Business they can grow
Many work at home moms say that they opt to work from home because it gave them the opportunity to be home with their toddlers and infants while at the same time allowing them to be part of their kids’ field trips, school programs and so on. A home business also allows these moms to build a business that lets them be home with their kids during summer and school vacations. The flexibility that comes with work at home jobs allows these moms to continue growing their businesses without sacrificing spending quality time with their kids and family.
Reason #3: College
Many work from home moms have invested a lot of their time, effort and resources in college and would like to use their skills and knowledge in a positive way while also taking care of their children. Many moms would also like to attend college for extra courses while staying home with the kids. Working from home allows them to do this.
Reason #4: Contribute to Family Income
There are many mothers who have stayed at home exclusively for their children’s sake. After sometime, many of these moms feel the need to contribute to the family income; whether this money goes to the vacation fund or buys the groceries is not that important to them. The satisfaction that these moms get from making a contribution to family finances drives them to work from home while still taking care of the kids.
Reason #5: Do Away with Childcare Expenses
Childcare is generally expensive. Although the amount that a family spends on childcare will depend to a large extent on the childcare center and the provider, it can cost as much as $10,000 per year. For many families, this is definitely a huge expense, not to mention the extra expense that comes with daily commuting by moms to their places of work. This is a big reason why work from home is an attractive proposition for these moms.
The reasons I have given here are by no means exhaustive but represent some of the major reasons why moms continue to choose to work from home. It is highly likely that more and more moms will continue joining the work-from-home ranks in the years to come.
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