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The Best Offers To Attract People To Your Roofing Company

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Offer ads are a great way of not only capturing customer’s attention but adding an incentive that puts you above your competitors. Whether you choose to use an offer in your initial Top of Funnel ads, or as a way to bring customers back through remarketing, making the right sort of offer is key to seeing results.

If you are working with a smaller marketing budget, a tempting offer is the best way to compete. The average consumer is savvy enough to shop around for being the best deal, so striking the perfect balance between an attractive price and reliable service is the best way to attract the right sort of enquiries.

So what offers are a sure success and which will leave you hanging?

Free Consultation

The most common offer that you see within the roofing sector is a free consultation. It is virtually no risk to either party but at the same time, there is very little incentive to actually follow through with the sale. They could have a free consultation from all of your company and all of your competitors and decide after. You could waste time, resources and ad spend and still not win the job.

Deferred Payments

Under normal circumstances, deferred payments are a tempting offer, more so in the current climate. There is a psychological advantage to the ‘buy now pay later’ option.  Wish says that use of Klarna (a company that extends buyers credit)  increased its average order value by 20% and conversion rate by 25%, producing a 40% boost in sales overall.

The high order value of a Roofing purchase ensured that this offer will always be well received.

0% Financing

To offer 0% financing, there are a few hoops to jump through; clear terms and conditions on your landing page, careful wording in your Facebook ads. That said, it is a tempting offer that many people opt for.

This is tied to the high purchase offer regularly seen in this niche. While many people may not have the capital straight away, a 0% finance offer gives them the opportunity to not only improve their immediate situation but also invest in their property for the future.

Save $$

Money off will always be a positive incentive and help reduce your ad spend, improve your Click Through Rate and your landing page’s Conversion Rate. The other positive is that unlike a free consultation, a customer has to commit to your company to benefit from the incentive.

While many businesses are hesitant to offer discounts, it is easy to create a sense of urgency. Adding an offer end date increases the FOMO (fear of missing out) that can be a powerful tool for pushing online leads.

Framing your discount is important, instead of ‘Now Only XX Amount’, positioning your offer ad as ‘You Could Save XX Amount’ will drive more customers. The word ‘Save’ indicates an avoidance of loss instead of the amount you have to pay and that has a powerful impact on consumer psyche.

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