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Does Email Marketing Work?

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Email marketing is one of the most-commonly used online marketing tools used today. It involves the recipient signing up to receive emails from the business owner on a regular basis. Many emails sent this way involve a newsletter. Business owners send these newsletters with information about their business and their products. So does email marketing really work? Although in

theory email marketing sounds simple enough and looks like a highly cost-effective online marketing tool, in reality, it comes with quite a number of obstacles that have to be surmounted before it can really pay off.

The first obstacle the business owner has to overcome involves managing his mailing list. There are new people who want to join your mailing lists all the time while there are others who would want to be unsubscribed. Sending personal emails to each of the subscribers is only practical for small mailing lists but once this grows to thousands of subscribers, the business owner is better served using an autoresponder. However, there are certain sensitive emails that cannot be adequately addressed by using the autoresponder. The business owner should in this case consider hiring people to help with writing personal emails to the subscribers. Below are few tips that can help improve the effectiveness of an email marketing campaign:

Deliver the Right Message
If a business owner opts to use free marketing methods, quite often they have to invest a lot of their time before good results can be achieved. If they opt to use alternative methods that require money, they might find that their budget is not large enough to cover the requirements. It really does not matter which method the entrepreneur uses, the message he delivers to his audience will ultimately determine whether the marketing exercise works or not. For instance, a business selling high-end baby clothes would hardly be well served advertising on a frugal mom’s website. A better approach would be to write an article that contains a backlink to the business’ website. The article would ideally be an ezine article targeting mom’s with plenty of disposable income.
Create a Great Email List
The bulk of many internet marketers’ sales come from selling to people on their mailing lists. The mailing list is therefore a very important tool. But a bigger list does not always translate to more success. The more important factor is the quality of the list. There are many ways to get new subscribers such as list swaps, list purchasing, contests and so on. An entrepreneur should build his list while at the same time trying to target the most relevant people who are likely to purchase his products.
Promote your Mailing List to a Target Market
Knowing one’s target market is very important in building an effective mailing list. Purchase ads on sites that are the most relevant to the products that you offer.
Easy Sign-up
If the process of signing to a newsletter is highly involving and complex, many people are likely to ignore it all together. The sign-up box should therefore be conveniently located in the email and easy to see. Placing it at the bottom of the email is not a good idea since not all people will scroll to the bottom of the email.
Offer a Freebie
Many businesses offer freebies such as eBooks, a tele-class audio recording, special reports and so on, to their subscribers in exchange for joining their mailing lists. Stay close to what interests your target market the most. It takes time to develop a good list of targeted readers.
Doing the things listed here can greatly improve the results you get with your email marketing campaign. If you try what is recommended here but do not see results immediately, don’t throw in the towel but give it some time and you are guaranteed of seeing some positive results.


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