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5 Great Ways To Keep Customers On Your Roofing Website

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Investing in an effective, efficient and aesthetically pleasing website should be the first port of call for anyone looking to dominate the online market. Your website is often the first interaction a potential customer has with your brand and an old, poorly designed site will leave a lasting impression.

Consider that you have less than 15 seconds to engage someone who visits your site, it does not matter how well crafted an ad is or the time ploughed into your social media profile, if your site is hard to navigate, they will leave. That leads to wasted ad spend, a loss of potential earnings and the possible other customers that would have come with a positive review or word of mouth. On average, a landing page should convert at 30%. If your landing page is converting at lower than that, think of the number of potential customers you are losing.

So what should you be thinking about when it comes to keeping customers on your website?


The main point of any website is communication, the design of the site in general and each page specifically can either help illustrate your main message or hinder your customers from seeing it. As the roofing and home improvements industry offers visual impact, your design should give you the opportunity to bring those beautiful image assets to the fore. A clean and minimal design will not only let your image assets speak for themselves but also add a professional edge.


If you have 15 seconds to impress your potential customer, you don’t want to waste 10 of those precious seconds waiting for your page to load! A couple of seconds can have an enormous impact:

A 2-second delay can push your bounce rate up by nearly 60%! It is easy enough to check the page speed with many online tools. This one allows you to check by location and browser.

Mobile Friendly

Over 50% of all online traffic is on a mobile device and many roofing clients see between 55% and 90% of their conversions happen on a mobile device. By making your site mobile-friendly, you will (at worse) double the number of conversions you see.

To help page speed on a mobile page consider removing super-high-resolution images (they take longer to load) and maps. Make sure the text is legible and relevant. If after a few months you see your mobile traffic is significant, an AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) could be the perfect addition to your site.


User Experience looks at how people navigate around your site and is in direct correlation to bounce rate. You can discover how long people spend on each page, where they navigate to, at what point they leave and where they convert from just looking at your Google Analytics data.

Something as simple as an overly long form or a hard to find ‘Contact Us’ page could be what is stopping your site converting.


When it comes to the construction industry, personality, trust and authority are qualities that push conversions. The best performing ads are those that convey years of experience and trust, this can easily be reflected across your page with badges of authorities your company is a part of. Having images of your team, both office and those onsite shows pride in your staff and also helps to impart some personality and trust.

If you are a family run business or locally focussed, reinforcing those ideals will set you apart from the faceless corporations and should be utilized as a strength.


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