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5 Biggest Challenges to Working from Home

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The last decade has seen people leaving their regular 9-5 jobs for work-at-home jobs in droves. The biggest motivator for most people who take this decision is the need to be their own bosses as well as the bigger flexibility that comes with working at a home-based business. The recently ended economic meltdown has also played a big role in creating a huge influx of people into work-at-home jobs.
The world of work-at-home might look all rosy for a person outside looking in. But a person who has worked this way for some time will tell you this; there are considerable challenges that confront a person working from home, many of which are minimal or non-existent at conventional workplaces. The good news however is that most of these problems are surmountable if a person is well informed about what to expect when working from home. Let us now look at the 5 biggest challenges of working from home.
  • You Handle Everything Single-Handedly
In a conventional organization, there is a high degree of specialization and division of labor. Each employee handles a certain task or several tasks that he is most suited to. A person working from home, however, has to do everything all by himself. While this might not present a big problem to a small business, a growing business is very likely to lead to work overload for the entrepreneur.
  • Quality time with one’s Family is often Neglected
Work -at-home are a lot more demanding than many people imagine. The nature of starting new businesses usually demands relentless dedication. Many people who work at home are familiar with working more than 16 hours everyday which very often means spending less time with their families. This can lead to damaged family relationships.
  • There is no Clear Separation Between Home Life and Work Life
Working at conventional workplaces usually means that at the close of business each day, you leave the office and go home where you concentrate on your family until the next working day. However, it is a very different story for work-at-home jobs. A person who works from home inevitably discovers that at some point, their home life unwittingly gets mixed up with their work life. The urge to send emails, check on sales or discuss work with one’s freelancers can be overwhelming. Many people lack the discipline required to separate home life from work life. This leads to ruined family relationships.
  • The Home is a Source of Many Distractions
The home is a source of many more distractions than what would normally be encountered in a conventional workplace. Many activities such as playing kids, loud music from the neighbor’s house, dogs barking and so on can be a source of distraction that prevents somebody from fully concentrating on their work. The home is not designed for work and the many distractions present can hamper smooth work flow.
  • Lack of Time
Many people who work from home complain of the constant time shortage. Actually the problem here is not really a shortage of time but rather an inability to plan for it adequately. This problem is further compounded by the fact that the entrepreneur has to do everything all by themselves.
Working at home comes with numerous challenges. The good news, however, is that most of these can be eliminated, or at the very least minimized, so that they don’t become the reason why a person struggles while working from home.


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