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4 Posts Every Roofing Company Should Be Putting On Their Social Media

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Keeping social media feed fresh and updated can feel like a truly arduous task. Often we feel a loss at what to put on our personal pages, let alone a business page where the pressure is so much higher. 


What sort of posts drive engagement and how do you keep your customers active on your social media? 



Video marketing is on the rise and it is making eaves within the marketing world – mainly because you can get stunning results. Companies using video content experience a 41% increase in traffic through web searches compared to others who don’t include video content in their marketing efforts. In addition to click-through traffic, video content also promotes social sharing. In fact, 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others. Since consumers are significantly more receptive to video content, the viewers of these videos eventually turn into loyal customers if the overall strategy is executed effectively.


If you don’t feel comfortable standing in front of a camera chatting away, find other elements of your company to display as videos. Whether that is your workforce toiling away at their latest project, or just side by side comparisons of different materials in different conditions, video content should be part of your strategy. 


Long-Form Content

Long-form content is generally over 2000 words and is used to educate and is usually seen as white papers, e-books and how-to guides. Consider that long-form content is best for:

  • High-end products and services that are on the higher end of the price scale
  • Goods and services that require more commitment to purchase
  • Products that need to showcase the quality and need information-based marketing
  • Long-form content is often best in the early stages of marketing cycles when your audience has little to no awareness of your products or services.
  • Technical products need long-form content to explain complex aspects for a proper pitch.

All of this is not only relevant but also critical to roofing as a material guide will go a long way to educating your audience and giving them added value. 


While a 2000 word piece may live on your site, social media is the best place to draw traffic, make sure the resource you spent hours creating is being used and seen. 


Short-Form Content 

Often blogs and shorter articles, short-form content can be anywhere from 500 words to over 1000. The shorter length of the content means it can engage users who may not have the time or attention to dedicate to a long-form content piece. It is more likely to be shared due to this so you will see more user engagement, especially on social media. 


They are also quicker to create and upload, so for every piece of long-form content, there will be many pieces of short-form content alongside it. 



Depending on the social media platform you choose, you may engage with your audience through a purely visual means or with a mix of visuals and text. When it comes to Facebook posts with images see 2.3X more engagement than those without images so well shot and relevant visual assets can transform the way your users engage with your page.

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