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3 Easy Offline Ways Roofing Companies Can Gain New Customers

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Many people view offline marketing as a little old school. Gone are the days of the door to door salesman or the persistent cold caller. As traditional advertising channels such as TV and Radio struggle to make headway in our digital world, there are more people using online search engines and social media every day.

That is not to say that offline marketing has no value. It often is able to reach people in your community who are not confident using technology or would feel more comfortable to speak to a salesperson face to face. As a roofing company, there will be a set radius or areas you will be looking to service. A quick dive into Google Analytics will help you identify where your customers are coming from and that should be the place to start focusing your efforts.

Offline marketing can also factor into the success of your online efforts. It can take anywhere between 8 to 15 interactions with a brand (on average) before a customer makes a purchase. Not all of these have to be online. Offline marketing can also help to build authority and trust just as much as a good retargeting ad, potentially even more so as a customer knows if they have a problem, they can come and speak to you in person.

Raise Your Physical Profile

Your branding is a powerful tool and a good logo is part of that. While keeping branding consistent is good practice online, the same applies to your offline marketing. If you have physical assets such as a store location or vehicles, placing a prominent logo will help draw attention to your brand and keep you top of mind. If a person walks past your location twice a week or sees a vehicle with your branding pass them regularly, when they are ready to investigate a roofing company, yours will spring to mind first.

Support Your Community

There has been a consumer trend that has been gaining traction when it comes to supporting local businesses, but it is a two-way street. If you hope to count on the support of your community, you need to show some support in return. Sponsoring a local team or event is a straightforward way of increasing your brand’s profile, alternatively lending financial support to an initiative that does good work within the community will help your standing.

Referral Discounts

A positive review has the potential to win you a sale and reassure potential customers of the quality of work you offer. However, getting reviews can be difficult, on average only one person out of ten who had a good experience will leave a positive review and a study by American Express shows 42% of consumers said that a recommendation from a family member or friend would influence their purchase more than a sale or promotion.

Why not use an incentive to get increase your profile? Give people the opportunity of a minor discount once a review is uploaded to your social media. Alternatively offer a financial discount to be split by both parties for those who visit your physical location and are referred from a previous customer.

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