Custom Mobile Optimized Website

$249.00 / Month



  1. Business development and marketing strategy. Every site we build is based on a strategy that we document through discussions we have with you about your business and goals.
  2. Content strategy. We develop a strategy with you for discovering and delivering the kind of content that is needed for your site, such as written content, images, graphics, illustrations, videos, etc.
  3. SEO (search engine optimization). Every site we build is crafted to generate more visitors to your site through SEO techniques.
  4. CRO (conversion rate optimization). Every site we build is designed to convert more of your site visitors into leads and customers. How? We present the website’s content, structure, and design to make your site easy to comprehend and navigate. Your site speaks the language of your target audience which instills in them that they can trust you to fulfill their needs.
  5. Rapid speed. Slow site speed is a big factor for penalizing websites by search engines. Every site we build is customized with limited backend coding to allow a site’s load time to be as fast as possible. Also, your site is hosted on a server that is specifically optimized for your site’s content management system. The benefit? Your site loads quickly, and visitors to your website don’t leave due to slow page load time.
  6. Mobile responsiveness. Every site we build is easily viewable on any device (desktops, laptops, tablets, and smart phones). About 40% of people browse the Internet through their mobile devices, so a mobile responsive site increases leads, sales, views and visitor satisfaction.
  7. Secure, scalable, and easy to use content management system. We use the gold standard for building your site – it’s super secure with an easy to use interface for updating your site’s content, completely scalable and requires zero cost for licensing.
  8. Browser friendly. Every site we build has a consistent look and feel across multiple Internet browsers.
  9. Project management. We manage your website project from beginning to end, providing clear and regular communication, and asking for your feedback when it is needed.
  10. Clean, organized and professional. Every site we build has a clean, organized and professional look.
  11. Free training. We provide free training on how to use the content management system to update your site’s content.
  12. Instant Connect. Chat widget makes it easy for site visitors to connect with you and allows you to collect contact information and pronote deals.
  13. Free marketing advice. We provide you with free advice on the most effective ways to market your company online. You can take our advice and implement it yourself, or you can rely on us to do so.


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