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U.S. Navy Museum

The US Navy Museum is a fascinating place to visit in Washington DC. It is located at 736 Sicard St SE, Washington, DC 20374. This museum is housed in the former Breech Mechanism Shop of the old Naval Gun Factory. Its collections are diverse, ranging from the lives of sailors to the tools they used to build their weapons. The museum’s mission is to educate people about the Navy’s history and legacy.

The museum’s exhibits tell the story of the Navy’s violent beginnings. Visitors can see artifacts from the early wars, including a replica of the USS Constitution’s gun deck. There is also an exhibit dedicated to the Civil War that shows the different types of warships that were used in the conflict. A model of an ironclad, a commerce raider, and the USS Kearsarge are also displayed.

The museum has a large collection of warships and submarines. Its submarine exhibit features periscopes, a real submarine control panel, and electronic displays. There are also interactive elements, including gun seats in the World War II area. Touch screen displays feature trivia about the Navy, and movies of sea battles play throughout the exhibits.

The museum is also located on an active military installation, so it’s essential to bring proper identification with you. There is a security check at the entrance of the museum and a day pass is required for entry. You can also get an app that shows the exact time it takes to get to the museum. This will help you to plan your visit.

The US Navy Museum is located on a Navy base in southeast Washington, D.C. It is open to the public Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5 pm, and on weekends and holidays from 10 am to 5 pm. Admission is free, but the museum asks for a $2 donation for non-military visitors.

The National Museum of the US Navy is the flagship museum of the Navy, and it is dedicated to educating the public about the Navy’s history. It was founded in 1865 in the Washington Navy Yard and features an extensive collection dating back to the 1800s. It moved several times before it found its current location, but it remained in the Washington Navy Yard until 1963. Today, the museum continues to preserve the Navy’s rich history for future generations.

Whether you’re visiting the museum with kids or adults, the US Navy Museum is an excellent place to explore the Navy’s rich history. Young kids will be intrigued by the massive installations, while older kids will appreciate the smaller displays and the history. Owen’s favorites parts were the submarines and the Arctic Explorations section, where he learned about the first expeditions to the North Pole, and he was able to examine actual pieces of equipment used by these men.

The USS Salem is another treasure in the US Navy Museum. It is the only preserved heavy cruiser in the United States. This historic ship sat mothballed fleet for many years before being donated to the museum. It is 115 years old and is in desperate need of repairs, but its interior is in much better shape than her exterior.