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Why Ad Seasonality is Important For Roofing Companies

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When many people think of Seasonal Ads, National holidays, religious events and the sporting calendar tend to spring to mind. However, the seasons your state experiences can make an enormous difference to what you should be promoting, the images you should be using and the pain points you should be addressing. 


Thinking about how you will transition your ads through the seasons will help you be proactive with your choices, consistent in tone and branding. It also means you can take ample time to write your copy and gather your assets (without a time constraint). 


Inconvenience Drives Sales


If we find ourselves inconvenienced by a real-life event, we will often go online to find our solution, but as soon as the inconvenience has passed, so does our interest in finding a solution. Capturing potential customer’s interest by offering a solution to the pain point they are investigating ensures you capture their attention, offer a relevant solution at the exact time they are looking for it. 


No one is going to be frustrated and looking to clear an ice dam in August, nor will they be worried about shrinking in April. Framing your solutions around the problems your potential customers are experiencing now will drive sales. 


All About Images

Images make a difference to audience engagement; when people hear information, they’re likely to remember only 10% of that information three days later. However, if a relevant image is paired with that same information, people retained 65% of the information three days later.


People are also more likely to engage with visuals that show the target audience, and if your target audience should be enjoying brilliant sunshine, then a roof in a hail storm is not going to resonate.


Many marketing and sales strategies are centered around selling a lifestyle, that lifestyle has to be something that they can envision themselves in and seasonally sensitive visual choices can help you achieve that. 


Importance of appearances


What are customers looking for from a company when they are parting with large chunks of cash? Trust and professionalism, consistency and competency are probably a few of the top qualities. There are a lot of ways to convey this without saying ‘We are a trustworthy business’ or even ‘This person believes we are a trustworthy business’. 


Staying up to date with your marketing efforts, pre-empting what the customer needs and offering a solution before they ask, will be associated with what you do in a professional capacity. If your Facebook page has not been updated in months and looks tired, people will assume that the neglect to extend to other areas of your business. To maintain an air of professionalism, it has to appear across every platform your brand is public on. 


Consistent to Landing Pages

The messages between ads and the landing page they lead to, need to be as similar and seamless as possible (for a variety of reasons). When you update your ads to offer a seasonal aspect, make sure this is mirrored in both message and visuals to your Landing Page.

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