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What Your Roofing Website Needs To Attract Millennials

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Many people regard Millennials as in their late teens and early twenties, this means they often get discounted as not part of the target market you are aiming for within the home improvement sector. You may be surprised to know that Millennials are categorized as being born between 1980 and 2000. Millennials are homeowners, parents and the perfect potential customer for your roofing company. 


Baby Boomers (aged between 51 and 69) may make up the largest group, however, Millennials are described as the first truly digital generation. While there may be more Baby Boomers, there are more Millennials online. This means that dominating the online market is the route to success within the Millennial demographic. When you take into account that the average Millennial spends, on average, 14 hours a day online and they have grown up navigating the internet (and Spam) through its many different incarnations, they are well versed in sorting a good website from the bad. A professional website is the secret to building authority within this target market.


Engaging Content

Roofing can be a less than engaging industry to read reams of text about. Cleverly interspersing big chunks of text with lots of visuals shot through the seasons your area experiences, helps the customer not only understand the durability of the product, but also retains their attention. Whether you are promoting a specific material, technology or process, a visual (either a video or static image) can help you not only explain the Unique Selling Point but also continue to engage the customer. 



If you are investing time into a blog, you are already ahead of the competition and building some organic traction. However, is your blog answering the main questions asked by customers? On average ‘How to install metal roofing?’ has a monthly search volume of 6,600, while ‘How long does a roof last?’ and ‘How much does a new roof cost?’ has 5,400 searches a piece per month. 


Other popular queries include ‘How roofing is done’ ‘Which roofing felt is best’ and ‘What roofing material is best for a flat roof’. Making sure your blog is not only reaching people but offering helpful insights that they are actually looking for. 


About Us Page

An ‘About Us’ page is a fantastic way to offer your unique personality and branding. It gives you an opportunity to forward your brand ethos and also promote causes and charities that you may support. 


An ‘About Us’ page also gives you a great opportunity to really promote your staff. From putting up a staff photo to showcasing individuals and their role within your business, it helps out faces to names and means your reviews are given more authority and meaning.




Reviews are the best way to build authority. Finding reviews that are pertinent to a particular service you are promoting or a material you are pushing works hand in hand with the offer of your choice. 


Taking reviews directly off social media, whether you are embedding the comment or simply screenshotting the image is another good way to show the reviews are honest and impactful. When it comes to contractors, a good review can go further than a tempting offer. 


Social Media


Up to 85% of Millennials use some form of Social Media on a daily basis, so making sure you link to your Social Media profiles is the best way to move your website traffic over to a social platform. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter offer a more casual interaction with your customers and a great opportunity for immediate interaction. 


Showing you are active on these platforms offers your customers an alternative way to contact you. It gives the opportunity to offer casual updates that may not make it to the website. 

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