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How to Start a Blog?

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The process of starting a blog is quite exhaustive and can be a frustrating task for someone with little or no information on how to go about doing this. The following steps take the mystery out of how to start a blog by explaining to the reader, in a sequential manner, what to do.
Decide what your Blog is going to Address
As a new blogger, it is important to home in on the particular niche subject you would like to address. There web has got a lot of bloggers already so for a new blog to attract and retain readers, you should pick a subject you are passionate about or something you’ve got lots of experience in. This way you are more likely to establish credibility.
Decide Whether to Host or Not
You can either decide to host your blog yourself or use free blogging services. Free blogging services might be good for a beginner but come with some limitations though. For one, with a free blogging service, you do not get your own domain. This means that you have limited control over the site. A better way to host your blog would be to use a cheap host, by using WordPress Blog software. This gives you better flexibility as well as control over your blogsite. This service is cheap and costs just $30 per year.
Find a Domain Name
Try to pick an interesting domain name that is related to the theme of your blog.
Find a Suitable Web Host
The easiest way to get a web host is to go for a hosting company that offers you ‘‘1 Click Installs’’ or one that offers you instant installations for the Blogging and Forum Software. Blogs and Forum are a great way for the inexperienced blogger to get quality content fast.
Install WordPress
For people with prior experience in installing MySql-based web applications, this exercise can be done in 5 minutes or less. To run WordPress successfully, your host needs to have PHP Version 4.2 and above as well as MySql version 4.0 or more.
Create a Database
You can create a database in your host’s control panel. The complete database should have four components namely the database name, username, password and the name of the host.
Download and Configure the Latest WordPress Version
To download the latest WordPress version, all you need to do is visit wordpress.org/download/. You can either download the TAR.GZ file or the ZIP file. Once you do this, it is now time for you to configure WordPress.
Choose your Preferred Install Directory and Upload
If you would like your blog to be in a different directory of your website such as ‘‘yourdomain.com/blog’’, you should give the wordpress folder a new name (rename from “wordpress’’ to “blog’’).If you prefer your blog to be in your site’s root directory, you should open the wordpress folder and then upload all the files/folders into the web root.
Finish and Install
To install your blog, you should visit the domain in your browser where you uploaded wordpress. Follow the instructions therein and you will receive a password and username. Now you have your new blog
Add Your Theme
You can download a suitable wordpress theme from many sites. Once you find one that suits you, you can add it to your blog.
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