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How Copy Helps Sell Roofing Services

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Content is one of the top Google search ranking factors and is the cornerstone to success within a digital sphere. While once upon a time, computer literacy, a strong grasp of language and an authoritative voice was all you need to rank on Google, since then SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become big business. 


SEO (like everything else) has gone through many incarnations, gone are the days of keyword stuffing as Google has become more refined. That being said, clear and well-written ads and websites will always be held in high esteem by both search engines and customers. 


Grammar, Spelling & Punctuation

While a spelling error or typo may be an understandable human error, it can have a serious impact on how a landing page performs and be the difference between a potential customer filling in a form, or taking their business elsewhere. Marketers have reported as much as an 80% drop in the conversion rate of a page due to a prominent typo, so proof checking is essential to success. 


Stale content can also harm your website’s image as relevant and informative. Potential customers will always feel that newer content is more relevant in the fast-paced world that we live and will choose that page in Google (consciously or not). 



The only way to know if changing a headline has improved your conversions is through A/B testing, however, changing a few words can create urgency, change the positioning and ultimately impact how your customer engages with it. 


So why is the headline so important? Well, on average, only 2 out of 10 people continue to read what’s after the headline, so it is important that it is clear and framed correctly. Small things can make a serious impact on conversion rates. 


Headlines with numbers in them have a 30% higher conversion rate than those without numbers in them. A colon or hyphen in the title—indicating a subtitle—performed 9% better than headlines without.


Call To Actions

Something as simple as a change in wording can see a huge jump in conversions. An example of this was an online company changing ‘Order Information And Prices’ to ‘Get Information And Prices’ saw a 38.26% increase in conversions. 


Why was this change successful – surely a single word can’t change that much? What this particular wording choice does is frame the Call To Action from what the customer has to do and the action they have to take – to what the customer can gain by that action. 


Ad Copy to Landing Page Consistency

Your ad headline needs to not only have a similar message, but also consistency in tone and the prominence of the offer. If there is any distance between what your ads are trying to convey and what your landing page is saying, it makes for poor customer experience. 


The best way to keep these messages close is to keep the wording consistent and this is why a headline that works hard for you is so vital. That headline won’t just be on your landing page but on the corresponding ads as well.

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