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Do Incantations Work?

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Most of us have probably heard of the word ‘‘incantations’’ in relation to the realm of magic (or ‘‘magick’’ as it’s spelt nowadays to differentiate it from the ordinary stage magic). So do incantations really work or is all the hoopla surrounding their apparent power to influence events in our lives just a lot of gibberish?

An incantation can be defined as a set of words that is created by a magic practitioner in order to bring about a specific desired result whether this is neutral, good or bad. To a person who believes in incantations, they are powerful spells that really work but to the unbeliever they are pure nonsense. If you are someone with no prior experience with incantations, you are likely to take the latter view and dismiss

them. But a taking a closer unbiased look at incantations reveals some rather startling facts. Incantations, just like affirmations, DO have power. This is due to the simple well-established fact that spoken words have power. The words we speak both to ourselves and to others have an impact on the mind, specifically the sub-conscious mind. These words usually cause certain thought-patterns to be triggered in our minds which in turn trigger the subconscious mind to work in the programmed way.
Incantations that are created by combining certain word that bear a powerful meaning to the speaker, with a powerful and forceful tone of voice; can often bring about spectacular results. Modern-day people use incantations a lot more than we imagine. They are often used by people in everyday situations in the form of ‘‘pep-talk’’, motivational speeches and prayers. When spoken out loud, these incantations cause the mind to react in certain ways, causing our brains to direct our bodies to respond in specific ways.
Still in doubt? Then try out this simple experiment. Speak out in a loud, forceful and excited voice using powerful words that have a strong meaning to you. Repeat this several times and you will immediately notice certain physical changes in your body such as hair standing up on your arms and neck, a chill running through your body, your heart beating faster and your whole body feeling charged with power and excitement. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. Something else more subtle is happening in your brain. If you make a habit of repeating this words several times a day, you will re-program your subconscious to act in line with the meaning of the words. This is usually a gradual but noticeable change. Ultimately you will realize that you have ‘magically’ manifested your words into reality.
Silent incantations work just as well as loud ones. These can take the form of self-talk. Repeating the words of the incantations either to yourself or to someone else brings about noticeable changes, either positive or negative depending on the words used. That is why you are frequently admonished to be very careful how you speak to little children. Some words that you repeat to your kids, sometimes in angst of anger with no real harm meant might be very damaging and actually turn into reality since the minds of little children are highly receptive and do not contain the usual filters that adult minds have. This makes them vulnerable to negative words repeated over time.
People often use candles, talismans, potions, altars and props when chanting incantations. Are these items necessary for incantations to work? No these items are not absolutely necessary for incantations to be effective. But they do help to reinforce the words being spoken and so do have a positive effect on the user. The only absolute requirement for incantations to work is the belief by the person chanting them that they will work. Even if the person is only half-believing at first, repeating these words over and over again helps to reinforce this belief and eventually turns the word into reality. So you now know, incantations do work and can be used to positively change your life.


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