Who I am?

I am so glad you found me today! Welcome to my real estate on the web. I have been a small business owner since 2005. Prior to that, I was simply an administrator for technology & investment firm. During the down turn of the economy around 2008, I wanted to learn how to grow my customers. I began a search online to educate myself on how to market online. In my journey, I was flooded with a lot of useless information & wasted a ton of money on courses that did not get me results. Fortunately, I found a mentor & community that taught me how to get digital results. Clearly, you are here because you are searching for RESULTS as well. If you are a small business looking to have a consistent flow of new customers, a retail shop looking to transition to ecommerce or maybe a dental professional looking to grow you practice with new patience EVERY month, let’s connect. Simply click HERE & let’s make a plan!